1. Membership
  2. Access
  3. Administration of the membership
  4. Payment
  5. Safety and Comfort Rules
  6. Anti-Doping
  7. Privacy
  8. Feel24's Rights


  1. Feel24's product is the freedom of choice in membership with or without a binding period. The "Free" membership is without a binding period, and all other memberships come with a 12-month contract period. During promotions, the 12-month binding period will start after the promotional period specified at the time of enrollment.
  2. Unless otherwise specified at the time of enrollment, the membership runs from the day you sign up. Upon enrollment, you will be charged an enrollment fee and training fee for the first period. Payment of the training fee at the time of enrollment applies from the time of enrollment and for the remaining days of the current month, and additionally for the entire following month, regardless of when in the month you enroll.
  3. Thereafter, the agreed monthly amount will be deducted via direct debit on the 20th of each month, and applies for the next month. The enrollment fee is NOK 199, and the recommended monthly training fee depends on the membership entered into. This is specified at enrollment, and in the email confirming the enrollment.
  4. The agreed training fee assumes direct debit. If direct debit is not set up during enrollment, or before the first of each month, an invoice fee for missing direct debit of NOK 16 per month will be incurred, covering the sending and follow-up of the invoice.
  5. Feel24 has a 15-year age limit (the year you turn 15), and we may require proof of age if we doubt the age. If you are between 14 and 15 years old, you can train together with a guardian, where both have their own membership. If we discover that you are under 15 years old and training without a guardian present, or that a membership has been created without the consent of a guardian, this will lead to immediate expulsion from the center. Any paid training fee will not be refunded.
  6. For your safety, your child's, and others at the center - it is not allowed to bring children to training.* All those who train or stay at our centers must have a valid membership. The exception is when the child is in a car seat and is under continuous supervision by guardians during training. Strollers are not allowed inside the center. All risk is the responsibility of the guardians, and we recommend adapting to training during the daytime (05:00 - 16:00) when there are fewer people training.
  7. Drop-in hours can be purchased on the website for a one-time fee of NOK 199, and give access to the center for 24 consecutive hours with a code received via SMS. Drop-in hours do not require an enrollment fee, direct debit, or written cancellation (will end by itself after 24 hours). There is no right of withdrawal for the purchase of drop-in hours.
  8. All memberships at Feel24 have an annual administration fee of NOK 199 per year. As long as you have an active membership at Feel24, this is due every year in March, regardless of when you became a member or how long you have been or will be a member. The charge goes automatically via your direct debit, or by invoice for those without direct debit - and only once a year.


  1. As a member at Feel24, you get access to the center through our Feel24 app. This is downloaded in the Appstore or Google Play after enrollment and gives immediate access. If you do not want to use the app, you can get a membership card from us.
  2. 2. You must always have a phone with the app, or your personal access card, during training. This is what gives you access to the center and legitimizes you. The temporary code works for 14 days after enrollment. Within that time, you must have arranged access via the app or picked up a membership card at the center.
  3. As a member at Feel24, you can train at all existing and new Feel24 centers in Norway. The app or membership card works at all departments.
  4. The membership at Feel24 is personal and should not be transferred/lent to others. If two people pass on the same access, the video camera at the entrance is activated and the security center is notified. Regular membership checks are carried out at the center. People who have trained without membership, and members who have lent away or let in "non-members" are fined NOK 1900. If you are the guardian of a member under 18 years old, you are financially responsible for the membership, also in case of breaches and violations of signed contract terms.
  5. Trial hours must be booked on Feel24's website before implementation. All visits to the center that are not clarified in writing, or with named employees in advance, are considered "sneak training" and are fined NOK 1900 to the person who sneaks in, and the person who let them in.
  6. If you choose to use a membership card instead of the app: if you lose your personal access card, you must as soon as possible get a new card during staffed hours and get it activated. The old card is automatically blocked when the new card is activated. A new membership card costs NOK 99 and is picked up at the center during staffed hours when the door is open. NOK 99 is then added to the next month's invoice.
  7. In case of non-payment, your access will be blocked until the outstanding training fee is paid. Blocking of membership does not exempt the member from paying the training fee. In case of breach of the binding period due to non-payment, the member will be obliged to pay a breach fee equivalent to the training fee for the remaining contract period.

Administration of the membership

  1. As a member at Feel24, you manage your own membership through our app or on "My page" on the website www.feel24.no. This means that you must log in to my page or go into the app if you want to change personal information, mobile number, email address, etc. All inquiries regarding your membership should be directed to your primary center.
  2. We send out important information, news, and contact you through the email address and phone number you have registered with us, and it is therefore important that you update this at all times. You are responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date at all times, and Feel24 disclaims responsibility for errors in the information you have registered. Feel24 uses email as the primary contact source to our members.
  3. Cancellation can only be done in writing by email to your center. The email address can be found under "our centers" at www.feel24.no. This is so that both parties have a receipt of cancellation to refer to later. The membership runs on a monthly basis until the membership is canceled in writing. If you have a membership with a binding period, the minimum contract period is 12 months. After the end of the binding period, the membership continues monthly with standard cancellation according to point "19".
  4. In case of termination of the membership at Feel24, this applies from the 1st of the next month, and there is a 2-month notice period beyond the current month*. The invoice is due on the 20th of the two following months after the notice of termination has been delivered. Membership with a binding period will be terminated at the earliest after completion of the 12-month contract period.
    * The exception is when purchasing contracts with a limited access period when purchasing, where the contract stops automatically when the period ends.
  5. Membership with a promotional period has the same notice period as a regular membership, and the notice period starts after the end of the promotional period. The promotional period and the due date for the next invoice will be stated at the time of enrollment.
  6. If a membership is created for members under 18 years old without approved consent from a guardian, or in cases of identity misuse at enrollment, Feel24 will terminate the membership with immediate effect. Any already paid training fee will not be refunded.
  7. You have the option to freeze your membership for up to 2 months per year. The freeze must be stated in whole months and is billed with a freeze fee of NOK 49,- per month instead of the agreed training fee as usual. Freezing during the binding period extends the contract period by the corresponding freeze period. Freezing cannot be combined with the cancellation month. The freeze fee is deducted via the same direct debit as usual, and therefore the direct debit must not be stopped during the freeze period.
  8. The member has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal according to the Right of Withdrawal Act §26. This applies to memberships entered into outside a Feel24 center. If the member starts training within 14 days after the contract is entered into (expiration of the withdrawal period), the member will be obligated to pay for the value of the service he/she has received until notification of the use of the right of withdrawal is delivered.
  9. Special conditions regarding cancellation during the binding period; in special cases that indicate that it is unreasonable to complete the agreed contract period, including cancellation or freezing of membership, it can be agreed to cancel before the binding period is over. In such cases, documentation is required on the reason why training at Feel24 is no longer possible to carry out. Documentation cannot be backdated.


  1. To be a member at Feel24, you are obliged to set up a direct debit. You set up the direct debit during enrollment. Setting up a direct debit requires a Norwegian bank account and BankID. If this is not done, you can do it via www.feel24.no and "direct debit". Here you will find all information and help.
  2. As a member at Feel24, you accept that your direct debit is charged with the agreed training fee once a month. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that a direct debit authorization is set up, as this is an agreement between the member and the member's bank. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the direct debit authorization is in order at all times, and any deletion of this does not affect the member's payment obligations. Payment of installments must be made at the agreed time. If a direct debit is not set up at enrollment, an invoice fee for lack of direct debit of NOK 16,- per month will be added for sending and following up on the billing.
  3. Direct debit for memberships of individuals under 18 years must be linked to the guardian's profile created during enrollment. This means that the direct debit should not be set up with the phone number of the member under 18, but with the phone number associated with the guardian's profile. If the guardian already has an active membership, a new direct debit need not be set up, as it will be automatically deducted. Ensure that the direct debit limit is not less than twice the training fee.
  4. Feel24 sends out a fee-free payment reminder via SMS eight days after the due date if the invoice is unpaid. If the invoice is not settled within 14 days after the due date, it will be forwarded to a collection agency, which will send out a reminder/collection warning, and then proceed to collection in the next round. Upon sending a collection warning, the member is obliged to pay accrued fees and interest.

Safety and Comfort Rules

  1. As a member at Feel24, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with the safety measures set for the center you train at. Read through our comfort rules, and familiarize yourself with escape routes, evacuation plans, emergency numbers, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and defibrillators. The centers also have an alarm button to the security company and a defibrillator that is visibly located near the first aid kit.
  2. Feel24 has partially staffed training centers and therefore has camera surveillance to prevent and solve vandalism and other issues. The camera surveillance can help you in case of accidents and similar incidents. As a member, you consent to this.
  3. Training at Feel24 is at your own risk, and you are responsible for belongings you bring to the center. While training, private belongings should be stored in lockable lockers. When you leave the center, lockers should be emptied and shoes taken home. Feel24 disclaims all responsibility for items left at the center after you have left.
  4. As a member at Feel24, you commit to following the current comfort rules, which are available locally at each center. This is to ensure everyone contributes to a safe and pleasant training environment at the center. Violation of comfort rules normally results in a warning, followed by potential termination upon repetition. Termination can occur at the first warning if the violation is unacceptable.
  5. As an important factor for everyone's comfort at the center, we depend on all our members to tidy up weights and equipment they have used, as well as remove weights from bars and hang them up from the floor. If you leave the center with significant lack of tidying up after yourself, you agree that Feel24 will invoice you a cleaning fee of 400 NOK.
  6. You as a member can be held responsible for damages you cause to equipment, furnishings, and facilities. In cases of destruction, it will be assessed whether this was caused by careless use. In such cases, Feel24 may invoice the member for partial/full costs for repair and/or new furnishings/equipment. This may include, for example, breaking mirrors.
  7. The use of chalk at our centers is not allowed in either solid or liquid form, but you can bring your own lifting straps.
  8. In accordance with hygiene for everyone at the center, as well as Feel24's profile, all our members must dress decently while at our centers. Follow our dress code informed at the centers.
  9. Feel24 can terminate the membership agreement without notice, for example, in case of breach of membership conditions or comfort rules, undesirable behavior and conduct, and/or serious violations. Paid training fees will not be refunded.


  1. As a member at Feel24, you confirm that you do not use stimulants or doping listed by Anti-Doping Norway, and you agree to voluntarily undergo doping testing. If a positive doping test occurs, the membership will be terminated immediately, and the case will be reported to the police.
  2. Feel24 wants a clean and healthy training environment and does not tolerate the use of doping substances among customers. All members at Feel24 must distance themselves from the use of doping substances and other drugs. The use of doping substances constitutes a significant breach of the training agreement and gives Feel24 the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. You commit not to use doping substances listed on a special doping list for training centers. The list is available at all times at www.rentsenter.no. If Feel24 detects signs or symptoms of doping use, you will be called in for a conversation. Customers can be excluded on strong suspicion of doping. During the conversation, you will be presented with an agreement/declaration on doping control, which commits you to later provide a doping sample while at the training center, if there are still signs of possible doping use. If you do not sign the declaration, it is considered a significant breach of membership conditions, and it gives Feel24 the right to terminate the membership agreement.
  3. Alcohol and other forms of drugs are strictly prohibited inside the center. If you are caught being at the center under the influence, you will be immediately excluded and reported to the police.


  1. As a member at Feel24, you consent to Feel24 collecting, storing, and processing your personal data. This is to manage the customer relationship, optimize our training offer, and opening hours. In this connection, we collect and process your personal data, and store the time when you register access with the app, or your personal access card, at our training centers.
  2. As a member, you consent to Feel24 using electronic communication means, such as email, phone, and SMS, to communicate with you about matters of importance for the customer relationship, including newsletters and marketing of new offers and services.
  3. Feel24 stores personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing. In principle, data is deleted when the membership ends or an agreement is terminated. See our privacy statement on "my page" for further information.
  4. As a member, you have the right to access your personal data, as well as to have them corrected and/or supplemented. You can withdraw your consent at any time as it is voluntary to provide personal data, unless the data must or can be stored beyond this due to law (for example, information for managing the customer relationship).
  5. Disclosure of personal data to others will not occur without your consent. However, disclosure will take place in connection with debt collection and accounting processing.

Feel24's Rights

  1. Feel24 can index-adjust the training fee corresponding to the increase in the consumer price index without written notification. Other price changes require 30 days' notice by email.
  2. Feel24 centers shall at all times maintain high quality, so that you as a member can train under the best conditions. To perform necessary maintenance, Feel24 reserves the right to close the centers for up to 5 days per calendar year. We also take care of your provided email address and phone number, so we can contact you with offers after the end of the membership period. You can choose to stop this communication at any time.
  3. Feel24 has the right to change membership conditions. If the changes are of significant importance to the member, or to the member's disadvantage, Feel24 will notify the members before the changes take effect.